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Central Stove is a family run business, as one member of Central stoves is getting married abroad, we will all be going. Consequently our showroom will be closed from the 4th September to 19th September

Calum and Annabel - 10th September

Need to Contact us?
During the showroom closure, the phone lines will not be monitored, however emails and the website contact form will.

Created on: 10:31 24/08/2023 Last updated on: 10:31 24/08/2023

The showroom will be closed for Saturday, and will reopen Tuesday

Created on: 08:26 05/05/2023 Last updated on: 10:20 05/05/2023

Due to staff/family members being ill, we are currently closed 27/9/22 - 1/10/22

However we will still be responding to emails, please feel free to contact us on info@centralstoves.co.uk and we'll get back to you shortly

sorry for any inconvenience.

Created on: 13:20 26/09/2022 Last updated on: 13:20 26/09/2022

The Nuneaton showroom will be open as follows:

  • 22nd December: OPEN - 9AM to 5PM
  • 23rd December: OPEN - 9AM to 1PM
  • 24th December - 3rd January: CLOSED
  • 4th January onwards : STANDARD BUSINESS HOURS RESUME

Created on: 13:18 17/12/2015 Last updated on: 10:20 19/12/2015

We are now moved into our new showrooom, although we are still sorting a few items.

For this reason we will be having a grand opening on the 17th October

the new showrrom address:
34 Central Av.
CV11 5BB

Created on: 21:02 30/09/2015 Last updated on: 21:03 30/09/2015

Central stoves will be open during Good friday albeit for shorter hours.

Opening hours : 9:00 - 15:00

Created on: 17:30 02/04/2015 Last updated on: 17:30 02/04/2015

The showroom (and telephone lines) will be open as follows:

  • Tuesday 23rd December: OPEN - 10AM to 2PM
  • Wednesday 24th December - Friday 2nd January: CLOSED (see exceptions below)
  • Saturday 3rd January: OPEN - 10AM to 2PM
  • Sunday 4th January onwards : STANDARD BUSINESS HOURS RESUME

Exceptions to closure
During the Christmas break, maintenance to the showroom is set to take place, in the occurrence of maintenance, the showroom may be open as usual, please note though there are no confirmed dates or times for this.

Created on: 18:07 22/12/2014 Last updated on: 13:38 23/12/2014

We are currently running a money off promotion of up to £1000 off selected Jotul and Scan stoves. The offer is available for orders placed from 1st Febuary 2014 - 31st March 2014.

Models on offer:

Created on: 12:50 31/01/2014 Last updated on: 12:37 31/01/2014