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Getting the best quality firewood for your wood burner or multi-fuel stove, is essential in helping prolong the life of your stove and flue system, while ensuring a clean burn; this will help reduce soot build up and keep the stove burning at maximum efficiency.

Central Stoves has a range of firewood, including seasoned and kiln-dried wood available in both carry-bags and bulk quantities, as well as bagged smokeless coal. We also have a selection of other fuels and firewood, like kindle, heat logs and natural firelighters.


kiln dried logs for burning on wood burning stoves

Kiln-dried Logs

Kiln-dried are the premium of logs and wood, they will produce the cleanest burn, while maintaining the highest heat output. Kiln-dried logs are usually around 20% moisture, and therefore ready to burn straight away, on all wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. Kiln-dried wood products will also offer the easiest way to start a fire, especially in the colder and damper months.

Central Stoves retails kiln-dried wood in the carry bags for ease of transport.

seasoned logs for burning on wood burning stoves

Seasoned Logs

Seasoned logs are the most versatile and efficient while being affordable. Generally seasoned wood contains a little more moisture than kiln-dried, but cost wise is cheaper. It will in some cases require being dried out for a few weeks before burning, particularly the open bulk bags require this.

Fire starting

natural firelighters or flamers for wood burning stoves


Firelighters are the easiest way to get your fire going quickly. They are made from entirely natural products, and have a odourless burn. They burn quickly and strongly to enable easy lighting of kindling, as well as burning for considerable time to make sure the kindling has hold. Firelighters are suitable for all wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves.

kindling in a kindle holder for wood burning stoves


Along with firelighters, low moisture kindle is the easiest way to bring the stove up to operating temperature.


heat logs for wood burning stoves

Heat logs

heat logs /coal

smokeless coal for multi-fuel burning stoves

Smokeless coal

heat logs /coal

bulk load of stacked logs

Bulk Quantities

Central Stoves is able to order the bagged wood in bulk qunatities, but we also have contacts for bulk loose fill bags (builders merchant bags).