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Companion Sets

With the addition of a companion set, you can benefit from easily maintaining, and operating your stove; or even just having one to aesthetically complement your fireplace.
With a variety of companion sets in many styles, from contemporary/modern wall mounted sets to more traditional freestanding 3 and 4 piece sets; there is a set to suit your style.

Individuals tools

As well as companion sets Central Stoves has a range of individual tools to either make a custom companion set or just to get hold of a specific tool. With the range including tools like pokers, shovels, brushes , tongs/grabbers; plus tools like roasters and toasting forks.

Wood and log Baskets

By far the greatest range we have to offer is on baskets and buckets, Central stoves has a comprehensive assortment of baskets and buckets in many materials, styles and forms. Like metal log and wood buckets/racks, wicker log baskets, leather log baskets, and many more.
With the varied styles there is also various sizes to accommodate kindle, logs, fire lighters and even matches. Allowing you too store a few nights supply of fuels in a stylish manner.

Coal Buckets

If smokeless fuel is still your preferred fuel we have a range of coal buckets and scuttles available.


A thermostat will help you operate your stove to maximum efficiency, by allowing you to see what temperature the stove is at. By running your stove at the correct operating temperature, the appliance will be more reliable and perform better.

Thermoelectric fans

These fans bring more distribution efficiency to obscure rooms or adjacent rooms, by pushing the heat towards that area or doorway. They are powered from the heat of the stove, so no maintenance is needed.
Central Stoves currently retails the Ecofan series.

Carbon monoxide detectors

It is now a legal requirement to have a carbon monoxide detector in every room that has a gas or solid fuel burning appliance. Therefore we can supply a 7 year, battery powered carbon monoxide alarm/detector.

For a full range of accessories, you may view the brochures of avaliable accessories that Central Stoves retails. Calfire fireside accessories* and Stovax accessories*
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Selection of stove cleaning and maintenance products

Cleaning products

We have a selection of cleaning products, mainly stove glass cleaners, available as dry-wipe sponges or liquid cleaners.

Stove spray paint

We have a wide range of paint, avaliable as general colours or brand specific colours.

Sealant and Fire cement

Our range of sealants and cements, includes high temperature silicone, sealant, adhesive as well as the more common fire cement in white and black.

Stove rope and rope bond

We retail a selection of thermal rope in various sizes and forms, we also have the stove rope bond/glue, to affix the rope to stove doors.